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Company Profile

Satellite Installation Services (SIS) A Leading North East TV & Satellite Specialist

We primarily operate throughout the North of England with occasional involvement in other UK and European projects.

We offer a wide range of services, all related to the reception and distribution of Satellite and Terrestrial transmissions for both commercial and domestic applications.

Councils, Housing Associations, Hospital Trusts and like organisations. We are proud of our record of completing on schedule some of the most complex and demanding contracts within our field to the absolute satisfaction of our customers. We also have a reputation for excellent technical documentation.

Integrated Reception Systems

Integrated Reception Systems for apartment buildings and other multiple occupancy dwellings where a single aerial and dish provide the full range digital & satellite sources.

Sky Q / Sky Q Ready Systems

Sky have now made there “Sky Q” IRS equipment available for SIS to install on communal IRS systems. This means going forward SIS can offer communal TV systems that provide the following: Sky Q ready: A communal satellite IRS TV system which is designed in a way that allows for areas across the network where Sky / SIS  can install DSCR switches (Sky Q Switches) at a future date, without affecting the signal across the TV network. This can be achieved by installing additional taps / splitters throughout the TV network.Please note: Without the addition of a DSCR switch at a later date the system will not provide the Sky Q facility to residents. Sky Q Enabled Systems: A communal satellite IRS TV system which has pre installed DSCR switches (Sky Q switches) installed at various locations throughout the TV network. This will allow residents to utilise the Sky Q facility, with a subscription / receiver from Sky.

TV System Maintenance

We provide a quick and efficient maintenance service to Property Management Companies, Housing Associations and Local Councils.


SIS offer a professional CCTV installation service, either in your home, your apartment block or your business premises. CCTV acts as a deterrent to would be thieves and criminals. However knowing that you will have video evidence of any incidents that happen to your premises gives you great peace of mind. Whether it’s a single camera covering your front door to a 16 camera system covering every nook and cranny of your apartment block or business premises SIS have a system to suit your needs and budget. Offering remote monitoring via PC or mobile device.

To find out how we can help you further, please contact us