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Commercial Projects

Designed and installed to your exact requirements

From conception to completion, SIS have been involved in some of the largest commercial TV systems within the UK.


Poor picture quality continues to be one of the main complaints from guests, usually caused by poorly designed, installed and extended TV systems. We invariably spend more time surveying and drawing a badly working system than we do fixing it. The network of coaxial cables is usually re-usable. All we really need to do in the majority of cases is to re-design the system around the existing network, make the right connections and upgrade some of the Hardware. Our quality target for hotels is simple, a good picture on every channel in every room. With the wider programme choice from the Free-View digital service, many Hotel owners are now looking at this as a very economical way to provide a good selection of TV and Radio programmes without subscription charges.


Whilst systems using coaxial cable are still the norm, many new build schools are looking at delivering TV and other A/V sources over data cables. This can be very efficient and cost effective in the right environment but can also be an expensive and pointless exercise. SIS has experience of both mediums. We can advise on which is most suitable, or even suggest a mixture / hybrid system to ensure your needs are met.

Care Homes

Most new build care homes are now installing fully specified Integrated Reception Systems (IRS) to allow residents a choice of Terrestrial and Satellite TV services. Existing care homes can be upgraded to IRS often using the existing communal TV coaxial cables. Door Entry CCTV is often integrated into the system allowing residents to view the door entry camera as a TV picture..

Student Accomodation

Typical specification is for a MATV system (Master Antenna TV) or Communal TV System. This will currently deliver all available terrestrial channels Analogue and Digital. Free-Sat Satellite TV is sometimes provided to communal areas.


Many larger hospitals now have installed a Pay TV system to Bed Heads by a NHS franchised operator (e.g. Patientline). There is however, still a requirement for conventional TV systems to many smaller hospitals and areas that cannot generate Pay per View revenue. SIS has many years experience in Hospital TV system design, installation and maintenance, including complex integrated Radio and Nurse Call Systems. Our Quality Management System fully complies with NHS estates requirements for providers of TV reception and distribution.


We have completed many Prison TV Systems to Home Office Specifications with provision to isolate individual or blocks of TV channels. Our technicians are familiar with the very special requirements of working within Prison environments, including essential start and finish time, tool lists and checks, escort procedures etc.

Office Buildings

No standard or typical installation exists for Office buildings. Requirements can vary from a TV point in the canteen to the distribution of several news and financial channels over the data network, to fully integrated systems delivering selected Terrestrial and Satellite TV programmes . Most new builds have a requirement for some form of TV reception / distribution.


Again, exact requirements will dictate if the system should be coaxial or Data Cable based or even a combination of both. In addition to the system Installation, SIS have installed LCD and Plasma displays into most types of buildings using special girder clamps brackets where wall construction can not adequately support the weight.

Caravan Parks

Systems traditionally deliver Terrestrial Analogue programmes sometimes with additional selected Satellite TV Channels. All systems will require checking and if necessary upgrading to deliver Terrestrial Digital signals before Analogue switch Off.

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