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Special Projects

Some of the Largest & most Unique TV Systems in the UK

No matter how unusual your requirement, if it involves the reception and distribution of Television signals, SIS will be able to assist. We have designed and installed TV systems for almost every conceivable application.

From a simple Aerial Installation to a Six Thousand Point TV System for an R&D building, requiring thirty six kilometres of Cable. Whatever your needs, SIS have the experience and technical know how. Click here to see some of our Special Projects.

Middlesbrough Football Club

SIS designed and installed the original integrated system to allow for the distribution of selected Terrestrial and Satellite TV programmes around the Stadium. This has recently been updated with an A.V. over Data Cable (CAT5) system and 42″ Plasma TV’s supplied by Impact Marcom and installed by SIS. Since the building of the new stadium in 1995, SIS has had technicians present at every home match to ensure smooth operation of all AV services and liaison with O.B. units.

Beetham Hilton Hotel Manchester

This is the second tallest Building in the UK and houses the highest residential apartment in Europe on the 49th floor. SIS was responsible for the design and installation of both the Hotel SMATV system to floors 1 to 24 and the IRS system to residential floors 25 to 49. With total cable runs of almost half a kilometre from the TV aerial down to the 2nd floor AV room and then up to the Hotels 23rd floor presidential suite, SIS design input was crucial in ensuring quality TV reception throughout.

City Island Leeds

This was a particularly challenging project because architectural restraints meant that all Four Hundred and Four Apartments located in seven blocks and three completely separate buildings must be served from a single dish and aerial. Total distance from the Satellite dish to the furthest TV outlet exceeded 250Mtrs making this one of the largest, if not the largest Integrated Reception System in the UK.\r\n\r\n

Great Western Hospital Swindon

One of the first Major PFI Hospital builds, the TV system requirements just pre-dated the installation of the NHS Estates “Patient Power” service. This was our first large NHS PFI project, with over 1000 outlets delivering TV and Radio programmes to Bed Head Tuners throughout the hospital.

Home Entertainment / Automation

Working with AV specialist Wall of Sound and Home Automation Company AMX, SIS has been involved in some of the most complex home entertainment systems in Europe. Ranging from a luxury villa to a 66 Meter Yacht, SIS was primarily responsible for the installation of R.F. reception equipment to provide a selection of European TV Channels.